About Us

Climate Light Ltd is a cutting-edge biotech firm that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret and analyze climate and weather data on a local and global scale. By combining advanced biotech knowledge with AI and machine learning technology, the company aims to develop innovative solutions to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet today with a particular focus on crop security.

Using our expertise in biotech development, the company is able to understand the complex biological processes that underpin the health of ecosystems, as well as the impact of local weather and climate changes on these systems. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, the company can analyze massive amounts of data from various sources including our data collected over 20 years to generate insights and actionable information for customers and partners around the world ranging from gardeners to multi-national corporations growing large-scale crops.
The company’s core focus is on developing products and services that help individuals, organisations, and governments better understand and respond to the impacts of climate and weather changes. This includes solutions for precision agriculture/horticultural, and locally produced local renewable energy plus sustainable biotech produced using Mycorrhizal fungi

Overall, the company’s mission is to use the latest in biotech and AI technology to help foster a more sustainable and resilient future for the production of crops and increase crop security.